Predict, prioritize and prevent potential denials

A new way to manage denials

There’s no denying it – denials are the squeaky wheel of the revenue cycle. Chasing down missing or inaccurate information takes valuable time – with no guarantee the appeal will be successful. The best way to address denials? Avoid them from the start.

Change the game of denials management with Solventum™ Revenue Integrity System, which is designed to analyze clinical, coding and payment data to identify root causes and leverages proprietary machine learning models to predict potential denials before they happen. Throughout the patient’s journey, the system analyzes documents and clinical data to provide real time insights and strategic recommendations for intervention within revenue cycle workflows – making denial prevention part of what your team does every day.

Phase one: Enhanced reporting
A combination of clinical and financial data offers insights that link upstream clinical activities to downstream payment outcomes.

Phase two: Workflow integration
Denial risk alerts and insights notify revenue cycle staff of patient accounts at high risk of denial and provide real time guidance for intervention.

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